Group Recovery Plan

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The purpose of this plan is to help communities recover from emergency events by confirming recovery arrangements within the Waikato CDEM Group.

The plan:

  • outlines the importance of recovery, and how recovery relates to achieving the purpose of national and CDEM Group goals
  • confirms arrangements for recovery, including the framework and principles
  • confirms all actions required during readiness, response, recovery activation and transition from recovery, along with the structures and processes used by the CDEM Group to facilitate recovery
  • defines the roles and responsibilities of agencies involved in recovery and to plan to best support agencies to support recovery
  • confirms the framework for and provides guidance for TAs and agencies to draft their own plans and arrangements; and
  • sets expectations of key stakeholders.

Also within the scope of this plan is reference to plans and processes of territorial authorities and key stakeholders that have a direct relevance to recovery, and reference to liaison arrangements in place between the Waikato CDEM Group and neighbouring CDEM Groups.